About Me

Hey, I am Jasim Singh Certified Nutritionist & Health Coach


We all need guidance & support throughout the most important period of our life: the weightloss journey

Obesity is a disease. Having been overweight myself and suffered from a host of health problems because of it

I can completely relate to my clients when they come to me with this issue. Being teased by friends, not being able to do many physical activities, and not being in love with one’s self-image and lack of self-confidence and many more such issues can most of the times be solved just by adopting a healthy lifestyle and making a few changes in our daily habits.

About Me

One of the greatest moments in life is realizing how your body is capable of reaching your health goals… even the ones you never thought were possible.

I help my clients realise their potential and work hard with them to achieve their health goals.

Don’t wait for the ‘Right Time’ because it never is just right. Just start and make it happen. My journey can help you realise that this is your time to start ‘Your Fitness Journey’. It’s time to get fit and find the fittest version of You.

Tailor – made programs that are easy to follow and sustain that perfectly fit your diet, nutrition and fitness requirements.

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Jasim Singh


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Being that bridge for all our clients that takes them from wanting to achieve their health goals to actually achieving them. Strive every single day to get my clients one step closer to being the best versions of themselves, internally and externally.
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Have a Look at My journey

Journey Begins.....

You deserve better than a rushed massage by a rookie therapist in a place that makes you feel more stressed.

First Pregnancy

An M.B.A. in marketing with an enriched corporate experience of over 10+ years in the media industry, married for 7 beautiful years, being a DINK (Double Income No kids) couple, I used to think my life path is well designed and well settled. Adding on the responsibility of children would only make our lives more beautiful and contended.

This belief only proved and got stronger when we had our first child. Absolutely normal pregnancy with normal delivery. Yes, I did put on some post pregnancy weight (just about 20 kg more) but that is normal right? A mother should look like a mother after all. Unhealthy eating habits, laid back weekends, not much physical activities basically just taking my body for granted was a normal lifestyle for me. Being a working mother, taking care of the house, a child where was the time to do anything extra for myself was my excuse for everything and it sounded very justifiable.

Initial Complications in the 2nd Pregnancy

The journey actually began as I entered the second trimester of my 2nd pregnancy. During my scan with the doctor I was told that a fibroid has developed inside the womb and this could cause some complications and hamper the growth of the foetus.

The size of this fibroid started increasing as time passed. I was put on bedrest to avoid any complications as things became difficult with every passing day. Our options were to somehow reach week 31 of pregnancy, do a premature delivery through caesarean and keep the baby in the incubator in NICU for the next ten weeks and hope that the baby survives and does not suffer any major abnormalities.


The Shift in Mindset

I was completely shaken and could not believe this was happening to me. I was completely shattered and had lost all hopes. This is when I started reading about the power of our mind. The strong and undiable bond between our mind and the way our body functions. With a tweak in our mental health status any goal can be achieved.

With limited options in front of me I started working towards my mental health and started keeping a positive and open mind-set towards everything and made a firm belief that I would overcome any obstacle and give birth to a healthy and happy baby.


As I progressed in my pregnancy with a mindset shift, week 31 became 32, then 33 till we finally reached full term.

A complete miracle had happened, I gave birth to a completely normal and healthy baby through normal delivery amidst all the complications and obstacles. This is the power of our mind.


Moment of Truth

I was very happy, but this happiness was accompanied with the extra body weight that came post the delivery. I was now 32kg over weight as compared to my pre pregnancy weight.

The extra body weight was not that big an issue, the bigger problem was the plethora of other health issues that came with this extra weight.

Being obese is more mentally damaging than physically. I started having back issues, knee issues, BP fluctuations all because of the extra weight that I had put on. I was anxious about everything, did not like to socialise any more, started hating the way I looked in the mirror, never wanted to get myself clicked. My self-confidence was at all-time low and just wanted to stay in my own shell with no interaction with the outside world. I stopped enjoying my children’s childhood and had nothing to look forward to.

The Change

Until one day, when my mother came to me and said that this is not going to work. This is not the end of life and I have to take control and change for the better.

Losing weight was my only option now, I had to do it for myself and for the people who cared about me.

I took this as a challenge as I did not know the further path too well but I knew I was determined to make this change. I had to get back in shape and change my life.



I started with small changes. Started with making healthier eating choices and home workouts. I had 2 children to take care of so doing fad and crash dieting or doing hard-core heavy workouts was not even an option.

Slowly but surely I started seeing results, and almost after 1.5 year of hardwork and being consistent I finally was standing at my pre pregnancy weight. During this journey I had not only lost body weight and inches but also gained muscle weight and good stamina.

FitnFind was born

This long journey made me realise that I was not alone and there are so many more people like me who are fighting this battle of being overweight and not being able to lead a contented life because of this. I realised what was missing was a lack of direction and simple uncomplicated solutions to weigh loss because of which a lot of us were not able to achieve our health goals ever in our life.

With this passion to help others fight their health issues and a formal certification in Nutrition and health I started my journey as a health coach. ‘FitnFind’ was born to work towards finding the fittest version oneself.

I understand the struggles, the limitations, the frustrations, the rejections one goes through with extra body weight. All my health programs are made for real people, keeping all the possible limitations in mind. We focus on making clients healthy in a way that is doable, sustainable and effective.

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